What would convince you to take public transportation?

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loganjled in Korean

대중 교통

첫째로, 미국에서 대중 교통 돌러사는 선입견을 개야 되요. 주요 도시 밖에 대분부의 대중 교통 타는 사람들 가난이라고 생각해요, 왜냐하면 시골 곳에서 버스 타면 가난한 이민자나 마약 중독자 볼 거예요. 재 고향에 이런 사람들 봤더라고요, 이 경험이기 대문에 제가 한국에 일하러 왔을대 대중 교통의 청결와 인기에 놀랐어요. 그지만 이 이유만 대문이지 않아요, 도시 설계도 종요하잖아요, 버스 없이 아무데나 걸어갈 수 있어야 돼요. 시골에서 집은 나가고 무엇을 해요? 아마 장을 보거나 주유소로 가겠어요, 그러면 대중 교통 탈 만요? 기사님 고용하고 빈 버스로 노선을 운전할까요? 아니죠, 그냥 개인 자동자 타고 이상한 낯설 사람 피해요. 만약 재 고향 서울저럼 인구를 성정하고 재미있는 관광지와 맛집 있으면, 그럼 저를 설득할 수 있어요. 그 대까지 자동자를 탈 거예요.



Apr 14

1 min read


Ducky in English

The public transport in Barcelona City

I will talk you about the public transportation in my city. The better way to move in Barcelone is with the underground. Is fast, confortable and it has a very good frequency of pass. If you don't like the tube, you can travel by bus. With bus, you can admire the city, and is fast to access it; you will avoid to go down to the tube. Is slower than the tube, but it has a good frequency of pass too. There is the tram too, but is not so useful as the tube or bus. It has a long frequency of pass and don't pass by the center of city. The City Council want to made a extension of tram by Diagonal avenue, but Barcelona people don't like much this idea. By other hand, there is a public service of cycles, that for short trips is very useful and easy.



Apr 05

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haveagoodtime in English

What would you convince to take public transportation?

Before I start, please feel free to correct my sentences in terms of stylistic :) . This entry will cover up my and mine friends experience’s about public transportation in Germany. I am using public transport often, for example when I go to colleague or go shopping. I feel more comfortable when I don’t have to drive, because for me driving is an activity which needs a lot of attention, especially in the city. This is the main reason why I am taking 40 minutes more time into account, compared to driving, when I go to school. The time is a big disadvantage, even though it can be used in public transit for learning, surfing or in short, to relax. This was a factor for my former boss and my workmate to not take the bus. My boss would need 1h30 for a 20 min car ride. Another minus is the ticket cost, which decreased drastically after the subventions from the state. In addition, the fuel prices hindered people to take the car. What is your opinion on this? And in terms of my English skills, please feel free to make suggestions aswell, maybe in terms of grammar.



Apr 01

1 min read

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