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Learning languages from other people is a unique and rewarding experience. LangCorrect’s journal feature makes sharing your writing samples seamless and easy. Native speakers of the language you’re learning will read your journal and correct your writing, one sentence at a time. Browse journals from other students who are learning the same language(s) as you to better-understand language patterns and common mistakes.

Corrections Made Simple

When another user corrects one of your journals, the corrected sentences are automatically highlighted and the corrected spelling, grammar, and syntax are color-coded for your convenience. This means you can focus more on learning from your mistakes and less on looking for them.


With new writing prompts being added all the time, never be without something fun and exciting to write about for a new journal post. LangCorrect provides prompts, and users can contribute their own as well, making for a wide variety of intriguing topics to inspire you whenever you’re in need of an idea for your next journal.


LangCorrect is a growing community of over 4,500 users worldwide who are eager to help one another in their language-learning journeys.


Take a break to relax and chat with other learners using the messaging feature. This is a great way to make new friends and meet people from around the globe.


Milestones are goals for you to work toward while using LangCorrect. Although reaching them is not required to use the service, they’re a good challenge!

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Whether you’re fluent or just starting out, we’d be thrilled to have you join the LangCorrect community.

We’re all learners and we understand that in order to reach fluency and confidence in a new language, it’s important to make mistakes.

LangCorrect’s wonderful users are ready to help you, provide support, and answer your burning questions so that you can reach the level you want to be at in your new language.

Join today and experience language-learning, redefined.