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Master grammar, spelling, and syntax in the language(s) you’re learning through direct feedback on your writing from fluent, native speakers.

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Ditch all the unnecessary distractions on other language-learning platforms and spend more time focusing on your new language(s).

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Get corrections on your writing quickly – Simply write a journal in your target language, publish it, and let the LangCorrect community do their thing to provide corrections for you.

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The LangCorrect platform is getting better all the time. Consistent, direct feedback from our user base and frequent updates allow us to keep things fresh and interesting for our users.

Learn with friends

Invite your friends to join LangCorrect and challenge one another to see who can earn the highest Rankings and Streaks.

Functionality with learning in mind

From writing prompts to automatic, color-coded correction highlighting, learning to write in another language has never been this easy.

Built-in messaging

Take a break to relax and chat with other learners using the messaging feature. This is a great way to make new friends and meet people from around the globe.

The most useful writing resource ever created for .

Free to use and receive corrections

Large selection of writing prompts

Tagging and search

LangCorrect's Corpus

Ideal for short and long texts

Messenger with corrections

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LangCorrect started off as a weekend hobby in early 2019. In the time since, it has grown into a platform with users across over one hundred countries, and has become a beloved place for thousands of people who are enthusiastic about language-learning. The future of LangCorrect is bright, and we hope you’ll join us in growing together as we continue to take on new challenges and reach new heights.




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