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If you could send a message to aliens, what would it say? What kinds of sounds, video, or pictures would you include?

Vous vivez en France dans une zone piétonne du centre-ville. Le maire de votre ville a décidé d’ouvrir certaines des rues de cette zone à la circulation des autobus pendant la journée. Comme représentant(e) de votre immeuble, vous écrivez une lettre au maire pour contester cette décision

Can money buy happiness?

Est-ce que je peux penser en anglais et écrire en francais?

What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

Translate English into Japanese 0:12 The best lecturer = 最高の講師 0:18 Enroll now = 今すぐ登録してくだいさい " 0:07 Discount 25% Off $26 = 25%ディスカウント$26 Special Food Today =今日の特別な食べ物  0:10 Fast Food = ファスト‐フード 0:11 Sale – 50% Off = 50% わりびき 0:16 Get it now = 今すぐ入手しよう"

New collection inspired by new lifestyle. = 新しいコレクションはこの生活スタイルに感興されている Learn more = もっと詳しく知る New season = しんちゃく Luxury, For the Woman Who Deserves It = ぜいたくなものは 女性にあたいする Quality never goes out of style = ひんしつがいつもスタイルにせいひれいする Big sale = スーパーセール Fashion as unique as you are = ファッション - 人々によって独自だ。

What did you think love was as a kid? What do you think love is now?

What do you believe about the universe and God?

comment prendre soin de sa santé physique et mentale

Какое ваше любимое время года и почему. What's your favorite season and why.

Beschreibe die Handlung deines Lieblingsbuchs oder Lieblingsfilms.

Расскажите о вашем любимом музыканте.

Procrastinating a lot, what to do?

Опишите работу вашей мечты. Либо опишите, кем вы работаете :) Describe your dream job. Or describe your current job :)

Quin és el teu músic preferit? Has anat alguna vegada a un concert seu? Si no, t'agradaria anar-hi a un?

Comment votre pays a-t-il été récemment avec les lois concernant le corona ? Sont-ils facultatifs pour vous maintenant ? Qu'est-ce que tu en penses?

Vous êtes au lycée. Vous aimeriez créer et participer à un concours de création artistique pour promouvoir les arts à votre école. En tant que représentant(e) des élèves, vous écrivez une lettre à votre proviseur afin de lui soumettre votre proposition.

Comment le covid vous a-t-il affecté ?

What are your feelings about spoilers?

pourquoi les étudiants devraient-ils prendre les transports en commun

What would convince you to take public transportation?


好きが何ですか。 What do you like?

Wie wohnst du? (Beschreibe dein Zimmer/deine Wohnung/dein Haus und/oder dein Viertel. Wohnst du allein oder mit Familie? Hast du Haustiere?)

Warum will ich Deutsch lernen?

谁能解释一下 “有兄弟,才有阵营” 的意思? 谢谢

한국어를 배울 때 가장 어려운 건 뭔가요?

Describe your "perfect day".

The saying goes ‘better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’. Do you agree?

What makes you tick? Do you have any passions?

talk about your first relationship

Describir una escena de un show o película

Have you ever gone sailing? How was the experience?

¿Has conocido alguna vez a alguien que se haya escapado de casa? ¿Qué puede llevar a alguien a hacer algo así?

He/she woke up to be in front of the Styx river. They heard Charon was coming, but they realised they are out of cash... [Feel free to continue the story or make a variation with it.]

¿Te gusta viajar solo? ¿Cuál es el mejor viaje que has hecho? ¿Es muy diferente a viajar acompañado?

Have you ever swum at sea? Were you scared of it? How is it different from a swimming pool?

Describe a scene of a movie or serie.

1. khi bạn giàu có....địa vị....quyền lực....bạn sẽ làm gì ? 2. khi bạn gặp giàu có, địa vị, quyền lực.....bạn sẽ làm gì?

- Sinh diệt,....được mất,....ta mãi trong vòng vô thường của tạo hoá? - Thiếu thốn, ấm no, chiến tranh,...ta mãi trong vòng tròn của chính quyền?

¿Crees que ver series es útil en el aprendizaje de un idioma? ¿Cómo las utilizas? ¿Tienes alguna serie preferida?

¿Te gusta cocinar? ¿Tienes algún plato preferido? ¿Qué sabores te gustan? ¿Puedes hacer un plato con lo que hay en la nevera o necesitas seguir siempre las recetas? ¿Te gusta cocinar para los demás?

You learn you have only a month of life left. What would you do?

sợ hãi làm bạn....tiến bước....lùi lại...hay đứng yên?

¿Qué tipo de música prefieres? ¿Cuándo la escuchaste por primera vez? ¿Está la música conectada de alguna forma con otras actividades o momentos de tu vida? (Ej.: música rock para hacer deporte, música relajante para estudiar...). ¿Puedes imaginar como sería tu vida sin música?

After investing a couple of years you realise you don't really like the subject in which you are graduating. You are passionate about other things (e.g. foreign languages or a different language). What would you do?

You have just moved to a different city and you know no one there. What would you do to meet people? How would you spend your free time?

Have you ever been hospitalised overseas? How was the experience? In comparision with your country, how would you say the medical treatment was?

A friend of yours has meet a wonderful person at work and they are considering asking them out. But they are afraid it could lead to a potential awkward situation at the workplace. Would you persuade your friend to try it out? Why or why not? If so, which arguments would you give them?

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