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Vous vivez en France dans une zone piétonne du centre-ville. Le maire de votre ville a décidé d’ouvrir certaines des rues de cette zone à la circulation des autobus pendant la journée. Comme représentant(e) de votre immeuble, vous écrivez une lettre au maire pour contester cette décision.

Today was so busy that I (have?) barely found any time to write here. I wanted to write on the train, but unfortunately, it was so packed that I had no chance to write anything

For those who have used JSDoc as an alternative for type safety, how do you beautify your code? What is your experience so far? Do you like it, do you think it is worth it? How is the experience compared to Typescript?

Wie erholst du dich am liebsten? Bist du lieber aktiv oder faulenzt du lieber? Kannst du dich besser alleine oder in der Gesellschaft von Freunden entspannen?

Tell me about your day today.

Представьте, что вы можете выбрать и обладать любой супер силой. Что вы бы выбрали и почему?

Pourquoi apprends-tu une langue étrangère ?

Why did you learn a foreign language?

What is your favourite tv show and why?

Tell me about a scary dream that you had. Do you believe that the dream was trying to tell you something? If so, what did the dream mean? Did you learn something from the dream or do anything differently because of the dream?

Écrivez un message d'insulte à l'attention d'une chose réelle ou fictive, une idée ou un événement désagréable. Exemple : une chaise, les mathématiques, la fois où vous êtes tombé à vélo. ⚠️ Ne pas écrire ce message à : une personne, un groupe de personne, un être vivant. ⚠️

Un mineur a dit "à table" et après cette phrase il a vomi.

휴가 때 뭐 할거에요?

If you were very rich, how would you choose to spend your money?

अगर आप बहुत अमीर होते/ होतीं तो आप क्या करते/ करतीं ?

In Deutschland spricht man von einer zunehmenden Deindustrialisierung. Wie erklärst du dir dieses Phänomen? Ist es nur eine Übergangsphase?

Write about a vacation that you went on.

你们有固定的语伴吗? 如果有,是怎么认识的呢?平日里会在什么地方、用什么语言、进行什么样的对话? 如果没有,你希望能找到一个吗?为什么?

What is something you want to do but haven't tried yet?

video spielen

여러분은 어떤 취미가 있어요?

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up, over easy, boiled, etc.

Чем вы обычно занимаетесь на выходных?

What is an opinion you once had that you have changed your mind about?

List some things you have never done before and are willing to try.

Magyarázz el egy speciális kifejezést a nyelvedből magyarul? Mikor használod?

Erkläre einen besonderen Ausdruck in deiner Sprache anhand von verschiedenen Beispielen! Wie würdest du ihn auf Deutsch umschreiben?

Sergej Bezrukov ist ein Schauspieler, den viele Leute kennen. Er ist ein Mann, der in allem talentiert ist. Er kann alle Rollen spielen. Er kann der romantische Held sein, in den die Zuschauerin sich verlieben. Ich sehe mir gerne Filme und Theaterstücke, in denen Bezrukov spielt.


What's the school system like in your country? What are some benefits and drawbacks of it? How would you improve it?

What songs do you like to listen to when you feel sad?

Have you had any missed opportunities in your life? Do you regret the decisions you made or are you happy with your choices?

Why does your life matter?

What are you proud of today?

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

What hobbies or interests are you passionate about?

Did you like history growing up as a kid? Why or why not?

Glaubst du an eine multipolare Weltordnung und wie könnte diese aussehen?

¿Tomaste mate alguna vez? ¿Te gustó el sabor?

Are you allergic to anything? How does it affect your life?


Question sur le stage : Quels sont mes points forts ?


Write a natural dialogue between two (or more) friends deciding on a place to eat.

Translate a song you like from your native language into your target language. Remember to focus on the meaning and feeling behind the lines instead of word-for-word translations.

Translate a song you like from your native language into your target language. Remember to focus on the meaning and feeling behind the lines instead of word-for-word translations.

Describe a scene from a movie. Be detailed enough that correctors can guess the movie!

Should screen time (using an electronic device or watching TV) be limited when raising children?

'Time is money' - agree or disagree? How important is time to you?

Figuring out what to write about can be quite challenging. Help others by creating a writing prompt.
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