Si pudieras hacerte una pregunta diez años en el futuro, ¿cuál sería?

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Fernanhaiku in English

Day 18: Who are you?

If you would be able to ask yourself a question ten years in the future, what it would be? I would ask: who are you? Let me explain why I want to ask this. People change a lot even in just one year, ten years in the future you'll be practically another person. For example, five years ago I used to hate anime, manga and the English language. But now I watch anime and read a lot of mangas, even now, I'm studying Japanese and I love learning English. Right now I would like to be an architect but maybe, down in the line, I'll end up being an engineer, a professional translator or a doctor, who knows! I'm going to be another person ten years in the future I'm sure of that. Therefore I would like to ask my future self, who are you? Changing the subject, now I write my posts by hand on a notebook and then I type them in my computer. I read that our brain works better when we write by hand. Sorry if I can't answer your corrections but I don't have much time recently, but I'm so grateful for all of your corrections!!



Jan 25

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Lii in English

A Question

If you would be able to ask to yourself a question in ten years from now, what would you ask? At first, I was thinkg about asking: are you happy? but the question probably would be like "yes, sometimes I am, but I feel other emotions too." So I realised that maybe that's not the best question to ask. Instead, I would like to learn and grow from my mistakes. I would like to focus not in how I feel but how I react. That's the reason why I would ask: "what have you learnt in these ten years?" So, what question would you ask to yourself in ten years from now?



Dec 24

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juestebanmar in Japanese





Dec 23

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