Summer is famous for injuries. Did you injure yourself this summer? What did you do about it?

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No. 34 夏の怪我

時々家でヨガをしています。6月に逆立ちをしたかったです。初めは逆立ちを試したら、すぐやめました。毎日毎日、試してみました。ついに、逆立ちができています。 2週間後で、逆立ちを始めたら、腹筋を怪我しています。痛かったです!腹筋の怪我は胸高があります。 数日後また逆立ちを試してみました。体に注意したかったので、じっくりしました。嬉しいことに、また逆立ちができました。 今まで、怪我をまだ感じられますが、だんだん治すようになってきます。

  • mari
  • Aug. 21, 2022
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I hate longboarding. It's awesome

Last summer I was completely heartbroken and depressed, so i decided to rebuild myself. I started to romanticize my life, to appreciate little things, - you know, those things that make you smile. And! I finally started longboarding. It was like love at first sight: that feeling of freedom is breathtaking. But of course things couldn't be that perfect. It was the hottest day ever. It was like, 36 C, and i decided to join some ice cream festival. Cruising towards the place of that event was fun; however, i didn't take into consideration the fact that my body doesn't handle heat well. So, putting so much pressure on my body under such terrible circumstances wasn't a wise move... and going downhill without proper preparation wasn't really smart either. So guess what? I got a heatstroke. And severe concussion. And i lacked some skin on my shoulder ... I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days or so because of terrible headache. But i always recover from physical traumas really fast, so I count myself lucky. Unfortunately, can't say the same about my mental traumas. I was too scared to get on my board for 2 weeks. But i was able to overcome this fear, and I started going on small longboarding trips within my city - i still do that very often. But speaking about this summer!! I have a ...very brave friend who joins me on my skating days. And one day he talked me into going downhill again. I was riding my new board, it was a skateboard-cruiser. And once again I forgot to take that into consideration ;) While longboards are tailored for downhills, my skateboard isn't meant to be that stable on high speed. And then a really terrible thing happened. Have you ever heard of speed wobble? I've seen this thousand times on some random Youtube videos, but I couldn't predict that I was going to experience this nightmare. Of cource I'm being too dramatic, that's just who I am, but I really wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. When you get speed wobbles, your board starts to shake uncontrollably, and you end up on the ground, usually with lots of injuries... But I was lucky enough to jump off my board before falling. That was terrible though, and I still get nightmares about this sometimes. And given all this background, I was dumb enough to try going downhill on the exact same board again!!! Of course that time I fell off my board, got a few scars... and, most importantly, I ruined my favourite Lil Peep's "cry baby" T-shirt. It used to be white, but now it's grey-ish. But I won't stop. Never ever, no matter what. I'm in love with my boards, with that feeling of wind slipping through your fingers. So, to paraphrase Kanye's catchphrase, "I hate longboarding. It's awesome".

  • not_found
  • Aug. 20, 2022
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Sommer Verletzungen

Ich habe diesen Sommer mich nicht verletzt. Aber mein Mann hat eine ungewohnliche Verletzung erlitten. Als wir in Kroatien waren, hat er auf einen Seeigel getreten. Zum Glück war die Verletzung nicht seriös. Er hatte nur zwei kleine Einstichwunden auf die Unterseite seines Fußes. Ein paar Freunden von uns hat uns auch erzählt, dass sie die gleiche Erfahrung in Kroatien hatten. Aber für eins war es seriöser und er hat viele Widerhaken in seinem Fuß und könnte nicht laufen! Das klingt so schrecklich und schmerzhaft, dass ich erschaudere wenn ich an es denke. Ein anderes Mal, als wir auf Mallorca waren, war mein Mann von einer Qualler gestochen. Vielleicht sollten wir nicht mehr Strandurlaube machen.

  • dimity
  • Aug. 15, 2022
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