What did you think love was as a kid? What do you think love is now?

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bsteck in English

It's worth it

Love. What is love? I think we all asked our selfes already this question. And it's a good one. Love is a feeling and at the same time it's a choice, that has nothing to do with feelings. As children it's one of the most important things we need to become healthy grown ups, and we need it to show others, that we care about them. Love can be the most beautiful Thing in life, and at the same time the most scarry and challenging one. Love is a feeling. Beeing in love for the first time is so exciting and beautiful. When you realise, that you just can't stop thinking about this one person, you want to spend time with this person until eternity and you can't imagine life without him or her. And probably, after some years it will happen, that you suddenly stop having this feeling for this person. They even annoy you sometimes, you start argueing, and you would have never imagined that that's even possible. At this point love becomes a choice. You're got to choose the other person, even though you think you're right, even though you got hurt - If you really love them, you will choose them. Also our parents chose to change our dipers and woke up in the middle of the night, when we were crying, because of a stupit nightmare. Writing about children, an important aspect is also that babies need love in order to become emotionally stable grown ups. They need love and affection, aß they need nurtrition and sleep. Without no affection at all, babies die. I would argue that also we, aß grown ups need love to survive - we won't die physically, but emotionally. Love can be scarry. By loving someone, by opening up to someone, letting to know someone about our deepest feelings and thoughts, we take the risk to be hurt. Thats Why some people rather choose to shut their heart of from others and letting No one inside. Thats probably the safest way, but a really lonely way. And by doing so these people also miss the most exciting and beautiful thing in life: Love and beeing loved, knowing someone and beeing know. Love is scarry, exciting, adventoures, love can hurt. But over all, and in the end, If you hold on and choose her, love is worth it.



May 10

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