What is your favourite animal?

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MonsieurBaguette in French

Animaux préférés

J'aime bien les chiens, notamment des husky, je trouve qu'ils sont très mignons. J'aime bien les chats aussi, je me souviens que j'avais un chat quand j'étais petiit. Cependant, il a été donné à un ami de mon père car ma mère n'aime pas des chats. Maintenant que j'habite tout seul, j'aimerais avoir un chat et un chien qui peuvent jouer avec moi tous les jour. Mais je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps de les occuper tous les jours, donc je n'ai pas acheté un chat et un chien



Jan 02

1 min read


Jack in English

Writing Practice

Although I don't keep animals, I do want to talk about this topic. As far as I remember, my family only kept a yellow dog when I was a kid. That dog was just a local dog, not some dog with a very precious blood race. He was a little bigger than other dogs in my village, but he was not as smart, as nimble as other dogs. Sometimes he looks a bit purblind. Every autumn when dogs chase hares in the cotton fields, my dog can only run behind. One day, it became too old and died. That is the only impression about keeping animals in my family. Many years later, I grew up and had my own family, but I still never keep animals. Here in China, people prefer keeping dogs and cats, especially dogs. If you go to the public area in the evening or on weekends, you can see many different kinds of dogs. Some of them look really cute and lovely. I don't keep pets is not because I don't like animals, but it's because I am lazy. If I keep pets, I have to take care of them, for example, feed them, clean them, so that would be a lot of hassle. Besides, I am also worried about their fur because I am afraid of breathing their fallen fur into my lungs. The last reason is I don't have that much time to keep animals. I always think that I should spend my time working and learning, so how can I have the time to keep animals?



Dec 22

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Faizyrooma4 in German


Viele Leute befragen mich über mein Lieblingstier. Viele Leute sagen dass es eine kindische Frage zu stellen ist, und vielleicht haben sie Recht, weil es viel zu einfach ist, zumindest, im Vergleich mit der Realität. Ich habe viele "Lieblingstiere". Die "Würfelquallen" (ich habe das Wort nur durch Wikipedia gefunden, lol), auf English: "box jellyfish" gefallen mir viel. Sie sind so extrem seltsame, komische Lebewesen. Auch Capybaras finde ich sehr süß, meiner Ansicht nach sind sie **die beste Landsäugtiere**. Aber im Wasser, geht die Krone von "beste Säugtiere" zu Delfinen. Habt ihr die Geräusche von einem Delfin gehört?!? ;w; Lol, dies war nur eine kleine, alberne, lustige Post.



Dec 19

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jmoreira256 in English

My favourite animal

To be honest, just choosing one animal is unfair. For me at least, is a close "fight" between cats and dogs. What i love about the dogs is their loyalty, and that they are very close to the humans, if we compare it to the cats. But, don't get me wrong, some cats can be very close too, sometimes too close, even some can lay down in your head while you are sleeping (i'm talking from my own experience). What i love about the cats is their purring, it just help to relax, specially in hard days



Dec 12

1 min read

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