Write about your favorite family member. Why are they your favorite? What is your most cherished memory of them?

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arthur12034578990875432355 in English

My favorite member of the family

My favorite family member is my dad because I have lived so much enjoyable moment with him when I was a little boy. He always wanted me to be happy. This is the member of my family with who I am the more confident yo talk if I have a problem or something else. We have always be close because we are the two in the house who make all the housework. We make fun about it, but it's not so funny because it's a lot of charges. Of course, I really enjoy my mom and my two brothers but we haven't the same relationship 😕 I think the best memory of my family in general was when we are in summer holidays and we go in a foreign country and that's really great because there isn't work to think, or housework... I hope you enjoyed this little thought and see you soon 😊



Feb 11

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Monsieur_Elephant in Hungarian

Ki kedvenc rokonod?

Kétségtelenül, kedvenc rokonom anyam. Gyermekkora óta, engem szereti feltételelen és engem mindig támogatja. Ha egyszer lenne szüksége rám, leszek jelenlevő neki. Is becsülöm értékeit. Minden emlékem vele jó, bár néha, persze, veszekedünk. Anyamról, biztosan mondhatam: "szeretem őt és szereti engem". Őszinten szólva, így nem gondolom, hogy mondhassak ezt senki másról. === Without a doubt, my favorite relative is my mother. Since I was a child, she has loved me unconditionally and she always supports me. If she needs me one day, I'll be there for her. I also respect her values. All my memories with her are good, although we sometimes quarrel, of course. About my mom, I can say: "I love her and she loves me". Honestly, I don't think I can say that about anyone else.



Feb 06

1 min read

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