Have you ever swum at sea? Were you scared of it? How is it different from a swimming pool?

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Bethany in Chinese (简体)


我在海样游泳很多次。我听到有人在那里没游泳过的时候,我很惊讶。有不会游泳的人更奇怪。在澳大利亚每个孩子学游泳。这是因为游泳池,湖泊,和河流都很常见的,所以不会游泳很危险。如果不会游泳的孩子掉进水,他快淹死。所以我从三岁会游泳,而且从来不怕水。 海洋的水和游泳池的水很不一样。游泳池水的味道都是氯,而海洋水又香又新鲜。环境也不同。 游泳池只有人,但是海边可能看见有意思的小动物。 波浪和沙也是海洋的特点。 游泳池和海洋的区别很多,但是每个地方都有一个事情:太阳。夏天游泳很流行,很容易晒斑。我以前有严重的晒斑。我不怕海洋,我怕太阳。



Mar 27

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Jack in English

Writing Practice

I like to talk about this topic because I have experience. I have swum in the sea twice. The first time was in Sanya in 2010, the second time was in Weihai in 2017. In the winter of 2010, I went to Hainan Island with a tour group. When I was at the beach of Yalong bay in Sanya city, many people swam in the sea. I was not prepared for swimming in advance, so I didn't have a swimsuit. But it didn't matter, I just took off my coat and swam in the sea. Maybe tens of minutes later, I went back to the beach. Other people took a fresh bath after swimming in the sea, but I didn't because I didn't want to spend ten RMB. I just go around the beach and bask in the sun until my body dries. Of course, I took a shower when I got to the hotel. I used to buy a swimming pool membership in a five-star hotel, but I didn't swim too much there because I was lazy. The difference between the two kinds of swimming is feeling. When you swim in a pool, you don't fear it because you know that it's very safe: the water in the pool is not deep, the pool is not so big, and safe guards are watching you, so you won't encounter any danger. Swimming in the sea is a very different feeling. The sea is endless, the waves are strong, the water is so deep, so you have to be very careful to watch out. Even if you know it is safe, you still have an unknown fear.



Mar 13

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