Do you believe luck truly exists?

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ledn in English


I once read an article, which described an experiment on luck. Scientists had volunteers flip through magazines and report the number of pictures to them. Hidden among the pages, there was a title saying "Tell us you see this and get xx$" ( I don't remember the exact number ). People who considered themselves to be lucky tended to notice it. The experiment ( according to the author ) showed that lucky people are more active and aware of the surroundings, while people with poor luck focus all their attention on the destination. The chicken soup above shows a few possible factors related to luck. However, in some extreme cases, luck seems to be completely "random" or "uncertain", meaning that personal ability or traits no longer contributes to better luck. Take the college entrance examination for example, it may be possible to be admitted into good universities through hard work, but to stand out in hundreds of thousands of students and gain admission to Top 2 requires a bit of luck (for most of the population ; geniuses excluded ). And though whether opportunity favors the prepared mind remains uncertain, I'm 100% sure that bad luck hit the unprepared sooner or later. As a student who often ignores the significance of reviewing before exams, I once wished for "luck" before a mathematics exam and performed several confusing rituals (such as eat food shaped like 100 for breakfast), which turned out useless in a materialist world. (Notes: My first piece of writing...I just have more difficulty letting ideas flow out in English...)



Jan 27

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Ducky in English

A Bit of Luck.

Ok, you are working hard, have a good preparation, and a clear target. However, sometimes, to get your target, you need a bit of luck too. Now I will talk you a story about the biography of Alphonse Mucha, which I read some years ago. He was a Czech painter, illustrator, and graphic artist, that lived in a very modest way in Paris. So his artistic life was not very good, conversely, he was thinking to come back to his homeland. One day, all this picture changed. At Christmas, on a 26 December day, he was working printing a job for himself, in the publishing firm Lemercier. That day, the famous theatre actress Sarah Bernhardt phoned to the firm boss because she need a new and urgent advertising poster for the continuation of her theatre play "Gismonda". But all illustrators of the firm were there on vacation. The boss told Sarah that in that days, all staff they didn't work. In addition, she need the new poster ready by 1 January. How that the unique illustrator that was working these days in the print was Mucha, then the boss and Sarah Bernhardt they go talking with him for this urgent work. The rest is history.



Jan 18

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