Did you attend a summer concert? Why or why not?

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habbl in English

My first Festival

I attended my first festival this summer! It's a rather small festival that takes place every year just a few kilometers from where I live. I've never heard of it though, until my brother told me about it a few weeks ago. So, I looked up a few of the bands playing, took my camping hammock and went there. The reason, why I've never been to a festival, is the price. These events are quite expensive. But this festival was really convenient for me. Also thanks to my brother, I could work part time in the kitchen. In return I got free entry and some festival-money for beer and food. On the first day, me and a friend sold food to the - often drunk - costumers. While working, we could enjoy the concerts and each others company. On the second day however, I worked at the crepe station. And oooooh boi that was a nightmare. At the beginning of my shift I was tired already, but also motivated to learn how to make proper, round crepes. Little did I know that for the next four hours not only wouldn't I be able to take a break, but also had to deal with demanding costumers, missing incredience and a lack of support from the festival producers. At some point, the circle-movement of making a crepe was hipnotising for my tired brain. I remember that one time, I starred at the baking dough for way too long, forgetting the world around me. When I stepped out of my trance, the costumer next in line looked at me worried... and ordered a ham and cheese crepe. I didn't listen to a lot concerts that second day and learned that a free entry isn't worth working at the crepe station. But let's look on the bright side of it: I defenitely know how to make proper, round crepes. Nevertheless, I don't know how tasty they are. I had no time to make one for myself.



Jul 29

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mari in Japanese

その8 夏のコンサート

いいえ。いつも忙しすぎます。毎日日本語の勉強とか政治活動とかがたくさんあります。 でも、前々、子供達と一緒に数回の外でのタングルウッドのコンサートに行きました。『スター・ウォーズ』の音楽を聞きながら、夜が暗くなってきたら、子供達が星の下で寝ました。とてもかわいかったです! 孫が大きくなっていくと、外でのコンサートに行くかもしれません。楽しみにしています!



Jul 26

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