Tell me about your closest friend. What is their job? What is their personality like? How did you meet?

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Jack in English

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I don't think I have closest friends. It's not because there is something wrong with me. It's because I don't think having closest friends is worth proud of, that just shows people's weaknesses because they are not strong enough, but one of my classmates, although who can't be as closest to me, I really want to talk about him because I think he is very strange. I met him when we started our junior high school and we were from different villages. He has a strange temper, but I don't know how to express it to you. In short, he is a bit out of touch with the world and doesn't seem to know anything about the world. But he can get a good grade in exams if he studies hard. In other words, if he doesn't study hard, he can fall to the bottom. Later, he was admitted to an accounting major in a school. After three years of studying, he was assigned to work in a state-owned food factory. A few years later, that food factory closed down. To survive, he passed the CPA qualification. Afterwards, he went to work in a few accounting firms. It was about the age of forty. He started his own accounting firm and became a boss himself. Now he is way more wealthy than before. Although we rarely communicate with each other, we remember each other very well. I value him very much, and I am very impressed with him.



Dec 21

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