What is your favorite movie that takes place in winter or has a winter scene? Explain why.

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Ducky in English

Ice Age

Ice Age are a movies that I like a lot all them. The first release was in 2002, and the last release was Ice Age 5 in 2016 year. They are an animation films, which a storyline about the adventures of a heterogeneous group of a family of mammoths, a sloth and a tiger from glacier age. All them must to travel together in order to save theirs lives. Normally, the movies begin with a poor and romantic flying squirrel following a slippery acorn. The cartoons are fantastics and very fun.



Dec 16

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Binh in English

My favorite winter-related movie

The only movie I know, that has a winter scene in it, is Frozen. As you can tell, I don't have much choices to select because I don't often watch movies. But if someone already turned on the TV with a movie, then I will watch it. In other words, I don't actively search for movies to watch. I'm getting distracted now. Part 1: Retelling the movie from my mind which just mean I won't google search any information relating to Frozen for this first part Onto the main topic 'the movie', *SPOILER ALERT*, Elsa, the ice girl, for some reason, decided to leave her home. And she all so accidentally froze the whole kingdom. And then, Anna, Elsa's younger sister, went on a journey to bring her sister back and save the kingdom. But no one wants to help her so Anna has to go along with her trusty horse, not that trusty because it abandoned her midway in the middle of the forest. And because the outside was so chilly thanks to the ice girl, Else, Anna had to find a shelter. It was at this moment that Anna saw a shop where she met Hans, a prospective spouse. This is taking too long, I'm gonna end it here and say that Anna and Hans passed all the tests and trials, successfully got Elsa back home, and unfroze the kingdom. And Anna and Hans live happily ever after. Side note, at first, I was planning to make a part 2 where I would do some research to fill in the gap but telling the story is taking longer than I have expected. So sorry for cutting it off so suddenly :))



Dec 07

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kidneyprivilege in Chinese (繁體)





Dec 06

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