Procrastinating a lot, what to do?

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bisam in English

I was procastinating a lot, and then ...

I used to be a huge procrastinator. A huge. I could spend a whole day thinking about a small task I have to do and finding a lot of other activities before realizing the day was ending. Some times, before going to bed, I was wondering about what I've done that day, and I can't figure out. I had a lot of stuff staying everywhere in my place, like an old computer I wanted to fix, some cooking stuff, etc. That was sometimes painful : I had to do some administrative tasks, I was finishing some important thing during the night because it had to be done in the morning, I was stressed by this situation. I hated this, but I can't help : I was procrastinating. Right now, I don't think I'm procrastinating too much. Okay, at this very moment I have just remember the existence of LangCorrect and wanted to see if I can write something interesting in English, in the middle of one or two other tasks. But as soon as I complete this text, I will go back to my other activities ... I think the big difference in my life is that now I do something only if I want it. And I want it because either it's like a game or something fun, or if I really need it. Some things doesn't fit with this new theory like I have some paperwork to do ... In this case, I try to think of my future me as a stranger I will give all the thing in my life. And I'm asking myself : "If I was this stranger, what would I think about the fact the current me didn't do this crap ?". Maybe, my way of thinking changed a bit. It try to avoid to think too much, on the long term, etc. It help me focus on the present activities and to lower the emotional impact attached to it if I fail something. There is also some changes in my life that help me to avoid procrastinating : I have no job, I live in a small place, I've disabled my phone notifications, the news, I avoid to look at the clock all the time, etc. etc. I'm not sure it's relevant there ... Finally, it's just that maybe procrastinating is now a harmless thing in my life ?



Jun 08

2 min read


Ducky in English

Little Things we Can To Do

It is hard to fight against the procrastinating. I think is a good idea to have an app or a notebook to list the things to do. The most important is to be realist and organize the tasks in one form and in a times that we can realize them. Also is important to begin with some easy task and follow with the rest of them. I have a cube clock that it has on the sides several numbers (5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes), it has also one side without numbers to stop the timer. This clock is useful to change or concentrate between the different tasks. Other things, like to improve our will-power or to have little rewards can help us too.



Apr 19

1 min read

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