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loganjled in Korean


정신병 대해 생각해 보면 모엇을 떠오러요? 아마 우울증, 불안감, 조현병, 조울증 따오리고 있죠? 우리 그 정신병 증상을 대해 잘 알고 있는데, 우리는 강박병을 대해 자주 오해해요. 그냥 정리를 많이 할 정도로 집착 돼요? 이런 사람이라면 강박병 있는 사람으로 고려할 수 있죠? 아니요, 정리와 정수를 많이 할 뿐 아니라 비이성적 공포 있어요.예를 들어, 강박적인 사람들은 특정한 횟수로 불을 켜고 끄고 싶은 욕구를 가질 수 있어요. 혹은 가스레인지가 끄는 상태로 확인해요. "이렇게 하지 않으면 큰 일 생길 수 있어요; 왠지 저는 하지 않으면 죽을 거라고 생각해요. " 그리고 평범한 사람들 쓸데없는 정보 무시해요, 여러본 뉴스 들을 때 모든 것을 암기해 보지 않겠죠? 강박병 당하는 사람들 견해에 쓸모없는 정보나 자극 중요할지도 몰라요, 그래서 집중력이 낮아졌고 압도당할 수도 있어요.



May 08

1 min read


Ducky in English

Common Mental Illness

When we are thinking in mental illness, we think in kinds like bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, psicothic disorders or obssesive-compulsive disorders. They are a very serious disorders, but also there are other mental illness very common between people. Throughout our lives, all of us we can suffer depressive disorders. There are more, like ansiety disorders, disorders related to stress or eating disorders, that could be a good example too. In brief, the mental illness can be more common from what we think.



Jan 12

1 min read


Jack in English

Writing Practice

I have to declare first that I have never gotten a mental illness, but I can give some thoughts about this topic. We can see many people having mental problems at any gender and at any age. It's both really sad for them and us. I am not a medical worker, so I don't really know the reason which caused these problems, but I guess if it's not caused by brain tissues, it is mostly caused by people's mentality. If people are open minded, kind, friendly and generous, they hardly seem to get mental illness, otherwise, they are easy to. So, the best way to avoid getting mental illness is to build a strong mental power and be open minded to everything. Additionally, giving is always happier than taking and I think it's another good method to keep from mental illness.



Jan 12

1 min read

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