Write about one of your family's holiday traditions. How do you feel about it, and what does this tradition mean to you?

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Jack in English

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A long time ago, I was a child living in the countryside. Living conditions back then were really terrible, in that we didn't even have enough food to eat and enough clothes to wear. Even though many years have passed, I can still remember those bad memories. When winter came, we didn't even have a mat quilt, so we had to sleep directly on the reed mat. It was really cold. Of course, we had a cotton padded jacket and trousers, but we didn't have underwear. If it was a windy day, these cotton clothes didn't have any effects on keeping warm because the cold wind could easily blow and touch your body from all the collars and cuffs. That was the worst feeling. However, we still have a lot of fun at that time, especially during the Chinese New Year. We had many traditions during the Chinese New Year. On New Year's Eve, we used cypress, cotton ears and candles to simply decorate the long, narrow table in the central room. On the night of Eve, we ate dumplings for dinner. After dinner, my mom did some worship god activities. She burned some special papers and kowtowed behind the doors and in front of the cooking stove murmured. Although I never knew what she was really murmuring, I did know that she was praying for all the good things for our family. An interesting thing was that when we ate dumplings at dinner we should hold more bowls of dumplings because it is said that more bowls of dumplings were for our ancestors and our family members who couldn't return home to celebrate the new year with us. On New Year's Eve, we were supposed to stay up late until the next morning to welcome the first day of the next year. By 0'clock, we began setting firecrackers and fireworks. At that time, the whole village was full of deafening firecrackers exploding, and we fellow kids were running to where the firecrackers exploded to pick and collect unexploded firecrackers. Some of them were seriously hurt because of this. We have many impressive events during the new year, as this journal is too long now. Let me just stop here, and I will share it with you next time.



Dec 24

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