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lomax in Norwegian Bokmål

Liker du å lære norsk?

I begynnelsen var jeg veldig entusiastisk om å lære norsk. Den siste gangen som jeg hadde lært et språk var for lenge siden, altså jeg ville prøve det igjen. Jeg brukte lærebøker og hadde mange samtaler med andre på Discord (hvor jeg lærte nye ord og fraser). På grunn av det forbedret jeg meg veldig rask. Men nå har jeg annet arbeid, slik som å forberede for eksamener. Derfor er det vanskelig å like å lære norsk samtidig.



Oct 16

1 min read


kelseyfrog in French

Français: amusant ou folie ?

Oui, mais je veux expliquer. C'est trois choses: mon raison, comment c'est amusant et comment c'est un peu folie. Je apprends français parce que je veux avoir des options de aller à autre pays dans l'avenir. Ça peut être sérieux, mais pas tout le monde a besoin de être sérieux tous les jours. Cependant, nous pouvons avoir plaisir quand nous faisons quelque choses sérieux. On peuvent rencontrer nouveaux gens, parler nouvelles idées et lire livres qu'on ne pouvais pas lire avant. C'est super. Quand de même, ce n'est pas facile. Bien sûr que non ! Un langue est un grand chose. Un langue peut expliquer tous les choses. Je dois me souvenir beaucoup des choses: les mots, les genres des noms, les genres des verbes, les genres d'articles et mon ami - la apostrophe. J'ai mal a ma tête ! Ou un peu folie.



Oct 13

1 min read


juestebanmar in Japanese





Oct 08

1 min read


tracik in French

Apprendre français pour plaisir

Oui, j'aime bien apprendre le français. Je suis au niveau où je comprends beaucoup et je ne suis pas sûre ce que je dois apprendre prochainement. J'ai fini mon manuel de grammaire française et tous les épisodes du podcast InnerFrench. J'ai des leçons avec mes formatrices chaque semaine. Maintenant, j'étudie pour l'examen DELF B2 et je lis des livres en français. Je regardais certains émissions français, mais je ne peux plus trouver d'émissions intéressants. Qu'est-ce que je devrais faire prochainement pour améliorer mon français ?



Oct 06

1 min read


whisperofspring in Japanese


最近、どうやって日本語勉強した方がいいか分からない。前に英語を勉強し始めた時も同じ考えがあった。中級レベルなら、どんなに頑張ってもうまくならない気がするね。一番嫌な気持だと思う。一人で勉強するのは本当に難しい。今よくこれについて考えている。数か月前最初のiTalkiのレッスンがあってすごく楽しかったが、先生も私も病気で忙しかったから、今全然レッスンがない。今週の土曜日は私の誕生日で、自分にプレゼントをあげたかったから、ほかの先生のiTalkiレッスンを買うことにした。なんか緊張する…でも、この毎週1回1時間日本語だけ使う時間、最高。 レッスン意外に楽しく日本語を勉強したい。暗記カードとか文法の教科書は役に立つけど、楽しくない。いつ聞いたか覚えられないけど、日本語がすごくペラペラな奴はユーチューブで自分の勉強方法について話した。ユーチューブとかネットフリックスで完全なネイティブな日本語のビデオを毎日2,3時間見たそうだ。もちろん、そうする前は基本的な日本語を教科書とかで勉強しないといけないといったけど、私は…基本的な日本語ができる。あの奴の動画を見た日にユーチューブで新しいアカウントを作っていっぱいゲーム実況をアップするユーチューバーに登録して、あの日からずっとあの人のビデオを毎日何回も見る。これのおかげでうまくなるのか?わからない。でも、すごく楽しくて日本語の発音とか単語の使い方とかになれるよ。だから、好き。 手短に言えば: 私が使う勉強方法は楽しい。でも、本当にうまくなるかどうかわからないから…ちょっと心配する。



Oct 04

1 min read


LePain in English

Learning English, especially the pronunciation

I've been learning English since I was 13, at a junior high school. My mother works as an interpreter, so while I didn't follow her career, I've always been familiar with English with some periods of breaks on and off. I needed to talk in English from time to time at my work, and I had never imagined of learning another language besides English. So living in France was something I had never expected, nor is learning French. English and French are similar to some extent (compared to Japanese, of course) in terms of grammar, but their pronunciations differ a lot. After having spent a certain time studying French, I noticed one thing: now I feel more tired in speaking English. If you see facial expressions of Japanese people, it wouldn't take long to understand that we don't move our mouth as much as the Americans, just because that's how our language is spoken. The intonation is much weaker, and the type of pronunciation has a less variety. In addition, we are not inclined to show our emotion in the way Amercains usually do, consisting one of the biggest cultural differences between two countries. However, though I have to admet that my French pronunciation is nowhere near perfect, the French language, the French language requires not much of the motion of mouth in comparison with English. With the intonation much flatter (though throughout the sentence there is a intonation), I was more at ease while learning to converse in French, which made me realize that English demands some muscles that I don't use for Japanese and French. That being said, in Japan (and I guess in most of the Asian countries), we adopt American English education, so it goes without saying that the pronunciation takes the American style. On the contrary, my sister learned English at New Zealand, and she affirms that New Zealand English or British English is less complicated in pronouncing. Getting used to speaking with other English accents might help me get through this muscle problem, but it would not be easy to relearn the accent from the scratch.



Sep 29

2 min read

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