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What factors are important to you when choosing a career or job?

Did man really reach the moon?

Do you prefer to give gifts or to receive gifts?

What is your favourite holiday food? Which holiday do you eat it at? Now, which is your least favourite?

Should School Be Year-Round?

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

What kind of work environment annoys you the most?

What do you do in your free time?

Do you think the world would be better if the leaders of all countries were women?

Describe a scene of a movie that made you laugh.

Avez-vous une habitude à laquelle vous tenez particulièrement ? Décrivez-la et expliquez pourquoi elle est importante pour vous.

Quelle est la personne qui a le plus contribué à changer votre vie, vos opinions, votre vision du monde ? Racontez en quelle mesure ce changement s'est opéré.

Le libre-arbitre existe-t-il selon vous ? Essayez de trouver des arguments pour et contre, puis prenez position sur le sujet.

Avez-vous déjà visité un pays francophone ? Qu'y avez-vous fait, et quel souvenir en gardez-vous ?

What is your go-to song(s) at karaoke and why?

What is a company or thing you're invested in and explain why you believe it's a good investment.

Describe the worst nightmare you have ever had.

O desenvolvimento da genética abre a porta para modificações cuja ética pode ser questionável. Até que ponto os seres humanos devem modificar plantas, animais, ou até eles mesmos sem sofrerem consequências indesejáveis?

Existem limites para liberdade de expressão na internet? Como isso poderia ser controlado sem ferir os direitos dos cidadãos?

Discuta sobre o aquecimento global e seus principais efeitos. O quê deve ser feito para evitar uma tragédia?

Na sua opinião as redes sociais são benéficas ou não para sociedade?

Qué serie de televisión has visto últimamente. Puedes explicar el argumento?

Describe a red object you have close to you and explain its use.

What can you buy with 5 dollars?

Write about your opinions on religion.

Que has fet aquest darrer cap de setmana.

What do you do last Sunday?

What did you like more, the book or the movie?

Do you read reviews before reading a book/ watching a movie?

If you had one month left to live, how would you spend that time?

¿Cuál es tu postre favorito? Descríbelo.

¿Cuál fue la última vez que lloraste de alegría?

¿Hay algún momento del cual te hubiera gustado tener una foto?

¿Qué es algo que te recuerda a tu casa?

¿Hay algún olor que te recuerda a cierta situación o persona?

How much are you influenced by advertising?

Write a paragraph describing your home. Include information about: -how many rooms there are -what the kitchen and living room are like -whether there is a garden

What media do you consume in your target language? Do you read books, watch movies/TV, listen to songs? How is it different than media in your native language?

How do you think society will look like if we have to live together with another species from the animal kingdom, whose intelligence exceeds humans'?

Write about what you think the world will look like in 10 years.

What do you wish you could see, hear, read or experience for the first time all over again?

What do you know about your family’s history?

Would you quit your job if your values did not match your employer’s?

How much slang do you use in your target language? What are your favorite words?

What movies, shows or books do you wish had sequels, spinoffs or new episodes? Why?

How young is too young to use social media?

How do you study your chosen language? What methods do you use to help retain grammar points?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What is your view about recent fashion trends? and do share recent fashion trends in your country.

When did you visit a church for the last time?

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