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Would you quit your job if your values did not match your employer’s?

How much slang do you use in your target language? What are your favorite words?

What movies, shows or books do you wish had sequels, spinoffs or new episodes? Why?

How young is too young to use social media?

How do you study your chosen language? What methods do you use to help retain grammar points?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What is your view about recent fashion trends? and do share recent fashion trends in your country.

When did you visit a church for the last time?

What is your favourite genre of music?

What is something that you want to brag about but you never get the opportunity to?

What's a story you wouldn't tell your parents?

All your life, you've had the ability to give others what they want by physical contact. As a result, you have trust issues and easily detect malicious intentions. You wish you could get rid of your power. Luckily, somebody can do that for you...but for a price.

One day, you picked up a cute puppy by your doorstep. You decided to become its owner and name him Harpo, and you realize that the pup doesn't whimper or bark. Until one day, you bring Harpo to work and you realize that when your co-worker's voices go silent. Apparently, when your dog barks - it has the power to shut people up. But here's the problem: 1. You're affected as well. When everyone shuts up, that includes you. 2. You don't know how to control your dog's power. What will you do?

What are you watching on TV and how often? For example: I am often watching football. I would suggest to use Adverbs.

Go to Twitter or Facebook and write about the first post you see

Si pudieras vivir en cualquier época de la historia humana ¿En qué época vivirías? ¿Por qué?

Si tu vida fuera una película o un libro, ¿Cómo sería?

¿Crees que sería posible vivir en un mundo justo?

Describe tu momento favorito del día

¿Cómo sería tu día perfecto?

¿Cuál ha sido el sueño más raro que alguna vez has tenido?

¿Qué te gusta hacer durante tu tiempo libre?

¿Hay un país cuyas costumbres te parecen extrañas o fascinantes? ¿Cuáles y por qué?

Si un turista visitara tu país ¿qué platos, dulces o bebidas le recomendarías que probara?

¿Cuál es tu festividad favorita del año? ¿Por qué?

¿Qué piensas hacer este fin de año?

¿Tienes alguna fobia? ¿Cuál?

¿Cuáles fueron tus mejores vacaciones?

¿Cómo describirías la ciudad en la que vives?

¿Cuál fue tu primera mascota?

A côté de quels endroits intéressants les touristes qui viennent visiter votre pays/ville passent-ils systématiquement sans s'en rendre compte? Quels pièges à touristes leur conseilleraient-vous d'éviter?

Was ist dein deutsches Lieblingsgericht? Wieso? Wann und wo hast du es zum ersten Mal gegessen?

If you had to pick just one of these, what would you pick: Music, Movies/TV, Books or Podcasts.

Apa rutinitas anda?


Cuéntanos sobre algún mito o leyenda de tu país o de tu ciudad o pueblo. ¿Quién te contó esa historia? ¿Tendrá alguna lección?

¿Qué hora es? ¿Qué estás haciendo?

Describe what you're plans are for tonight in detail. ======= Deskripsikan rencanamu untuk malam ini secara detil.

The voting age is now 98. #642storiestowrite

What do you associate each color with? Why?

Write a letter to yourself at the age of fifteen.

Start this as the first sentence of your paragraph 'the window opened opportunities to a new way of looking at the world.'

You're a kid, and it's the hottest day ever. Where do you go to escape the heat? Who else is with you; or are you alone? What surprising thing happens?

Zou can hear a song coming from the house or apartment next door. Who's playing it-or who do you imagine is playing it? What words can you make out? What can't you hear? What is it about this song that won't let you go?

Would you move to another country or city to get better paid?

You wake up with a vague feeling of dread. Search through all the things that make you anxious to figure out what is bothering you.

You wake up with a vague feeling of dread. Search through all the things that make you anxious to figure out what is bothering you.

You feel a lust so unstoppable that you think your clothes might spontaneously combust. Write about the object of that lust.

What was the worst job you ever had? Did you have to wear a uniform? Describe what your dutied were there and what you looked like as you were working there.

Recount the first time you spent the night in a tree fort (or other proudly-devised shelter). #642things

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