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Do you have a bucket list (a list of places to see or activities to do before you die)? What would you place on it?

Who do you consider to be your role model? Why?

What is a traditional dish in your country? How is it made? Can you make it?

Who is your best friend? How did you meet him/her? How long have you known each other?

What are some of your good and bad habits?

In your opinion, what is the greatest movie ever made?

What is your favorite book or author? Why?

Write a formal email to a hotel about the following: check-in/check-out times, facilities offered, breakfast options, airport transportation options, pet policy and any other information you'd like to know.

What can you do to resist procrastination?

What do you think about ChatGPT?

Talk about a past fear that you overcame

Qu'est-ce que vous voyez à travers votre fenêtre ?

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta y más detestas de tu país?

Describe the last dream you had (that you can remember)

Write about someone who found treasure (it can be anything) in a crazy and unexpected place.......

Avez-vous déjà laissé tomber une langue que vous aviez commencé à étudier ? Si oui, pourquoi ? Pensez-vous que vous pourriez la reprendre un jour ?

When talking with friends from other countries, what interesting things do you talk about?

You have moved to a new country. Describe your feelings and emotions about the shift.

Recently it was announced that a new edition of James Bond novels will be released. The publisher, however, is planning on removing some language from the original novels that are racist and sexist. Do you think this is a good idea?

Write a short response on this prompt: Describe your routine in the morning and afternoon.

Do you like your country's history? Why?

What are the ethical considerations for companies when creating advertisements for the masses?

What do you think about climate change?

Do you think the morals of your country are declining? Is this a problem that worries you? What factors can influence the morals of a society? Who should be responsible for the development of a society's morals?

What is public transportation like in your city? Is it convenient to use? How might public transport in your city be improved?

What is your favourite breed of dog? Why?

If you have lived in a foreign country before, what are some ingredients which are familiar to you that you were unable to find in the foreign country you stayed in? What recipes do you need these ingredients for?

Meine Lieblings Erinnerung von Kinderzeit ist ein Picknick am Meer. Alle meine Familie haben über ein schönes Picknick entscheidet. Wir kaufte verschiedenes leckeres Essen und führte auf den Strand. Dort waren keine Leute und wir setzten allen.

Ha visszamehetnél az időben, milyen eseményt szeretnél újra látni és miért?

Milyen gyakran emlékszel az álmaidra? Volt már rémálmod?

Melyik a legjobb gyermekkori emléked? Ki volt veled?

Sprichst lieber am Telefon oder per SMS?

Should advertising targeted towards children younger than 12 years old be banned?

Quel est le livre que tu as préféré ? Décrit un petit peu l'histoire pui dit nous pourquoi c'est celui-ci ton préféré.

Is air pollution a problem in your city or country? What are some harms that air pollution can cause? What are some ways that your government can reduce air pollution?

¿Cuáles son algunas tradiciones de San Valentín en tu cultura?

What are some Valentine's Day traditions in your culture?

Write about your favorite family member. Why are they your favorite? What is your most cherished memory of them?

Расскажи о своей первой любви.

Say something about your country’s biggest holiday/festival. 谈谈你的国家最盛大的节假日。

Imagine ta vie sans Internet : est-ce que ça changerait beaucoup de choses ? Est-ce que ça serait un problème ?

Translate the following into your language of choice and follow it up with a short story: Once upon a time, there was a little mouse ...


Describe something that made you laugh recently.

How did you find this website? Has it been a good resource for you? Is there any other resource that you also find useful, and is this a reason that this resource is better or worse than LangCorrect?

What time of day do you wake up? Why do you like to wake up at this time?

You are a teacher and find out one of your students is in love with you

Quelle est la dernière émotion que tu as ressentie ? D'où vient elle ?

Didattica in presenza o a distanza? Pro e contro di studiare e insegnare online.

L'histoire se passe dans la rue d'une grande ville. Il y a un jeune homme qui est tombé. Peut-être qu'il a glissé ou peut être qu'il s'est passé autre chose ? À vous de choisir. Dans tous les cas, trois personnes plus âgées s'approchent de lui, écrivez le dialogue qui pourrait se produire.

Figuring out what to write about can be quite challenging. Help others by creating a writing prompt.
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