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¿Prefieres entornos urbanos o rurales? ¿Cuáles son las ventajas y desventajas de cada uno?

Décrivez une chambre dans votre maison (ou votre appartement) et dites où se trouve tout les meubles et les objets.

Tell me about your bedroom (or another room in your house) and describe where the objects and furniture are located.

Hoekom hou jy van afrikaans of nie?

Was ist der letzte Traum, an den du dich erinnern kannst? War es ein schöner Traum oder ein Albtraum?

Wenn du für einen Tag in die Haut einer anderen Person schlüpfen könntest, in wessen Haut würdest du schlüpfen? Warum? Und was würdest du erleben?

Whatever happens, it’s going to be amazing!

Preferisci i cani o i gatti? Perché?

Racconta un sogno che hai fatto e che ti è rimasto particolarmente impresso.


Avez-vous déjà pratiqué un sport méconnu ou bien fait une activité vraiment insolite ? Décrivez votre expérience !

Consultez-vous souvent des avis en ligne pour choisir votre prochaine destination de vacances ou votre prochain restaurant ? Trouvez-vous que les avis laissés sur le web soient fiables ?

Расскажите о самом счастливом воспоминании этого лета ^^

Что вы вкладываете в понятие "дружба"? Каково ваше определение?


Did you see the supermoon?

Did you travel by plane this summer?

Did you join LangCorrect this summer? Why?

Did you join the LangCorrect Discord server this summer? Did you post anything?

Did you start studying a new language this summer?

Did you read a book this summer? Was it in your native language or your target languages(s)? Did you finish it?

Did you have elections in your country this summer?

Were you able to watch the sun rise this summer?

Do you have a favorite photo from this summer?

Did you write a story this summer? Did you tell a story around a campfire?

Did you build or rebuild anything this summer?

Did you make a big purchase this summer?

Did your computer break down this summer? Did you get a new one?

Did you find a new favorite restaurant this summer?

Did you watch fireworks this summer? What was it like?

Did you run through sprinklers this summer?

Did you change jobs this summer?

Did you look for a job this summer?

Summer is famous for injuries. Did you injure yourself this summer? What did you do about it?

Did you run through sprinklers this summer?

Did you get caught in the rain this summer?

Do you have a favorite summer memory?

Write about your family - include physical descriptions of each member, descriptions of their personality and interests, and how well you get along with each of them.

Have you been or will you be going to a beach this summer?

¿Qué prefieres: ver películas desde tu casa o ir al cine? ¿Por qué?

Did you start a new project this summer?

Did you meet with other language learners of your target language(s) this summer? Online or in person? What was it like?

Do you have a pet or do you see someone’s pet regularly? How are they coping with the summer heat? Better or worse than you are? Do you know how pets are coping in a country of your target language(s)?

Did you attend a summer protest this year?

Did you start a new project this summer?

Did you move this summer or did you help someone move?

Did you meet with anyone who lives in a country of your target language(s) this summer? Online or in-person?

Does it feel like you ran the air conditioner a lot this summer? If you don’t have air conditioning, how do you keep cool?

Does your area have a State Fair, County Fair or some such festival during the summer? What’s it like? Or you going again this summer or have you already gone to it this summer?

What outdoor activities did you do this summer? Did you bike, play in a park, have picnics?

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