What is your favourite tv show and why?

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Talent Show

Many years ago, I once watched a program on TV called Talent Show in my country. The program was so fascinating and popular that I guarantee everyone who has watched TV knows about it. The participants of the program ranged ages from five-year-old kids to elderly 85 years old people, male or female, it seemed that anyone can have the opportunity to perform before the public, showing their any special skills. At the same time, another three well-known artists would acted as umpires. if the performers got at least two pass signs, then they would succeed in this stage and have change to attend another show. I don't want to give examples here, because most of performers have their unique encouraging stories. This program let me know that regardless how common you are, you can have chance to be successful if you are really talent. This was really a wonderful and unforgettable program. Later, I found this kind programs are also popular in other countries, such as the UK, U.S. and many more. And if I were not wrong, the copyright of this program was from Netherland."

  • Scarlett_farther
  • Sept. 12, 2023
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  • vily
  • Aug. 31, 2023
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The Detectorists

Una de mis series preferidas es "The Detectorists". Cuenta la historia de dos hombres que salen cada fin de semana con sus detectores de metal para intentar encontrar artefactos arqueológicos, aunque tienen mala suerte y descubren pocas reliquias. En el camino afrontan problemas y complicaciones en sus vidas personales. Es una serie de comedia, pero evoca todas las emociones... me ha hecho reír, sonreír y llorar... ¡a veces a la vez! Al acabarla, la serie me dejó con una sensación de paz al acabarla mezclado con tristeza por tener que salir de ese mundo. Uno de los protagonistas está interpretado por Mackenzie Crook, quien también interpretó el pirata con el ojo de vidrio en <Piratas del Caribe>. Es un actor increíble que entiende formar conexiones profundas con su audiencia. ¡Si tienes tiempo libre, te recomiendo ver esa serie!

  • hannahmt
  • Aug. 27, 2023
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