What did you like more, the book or the movie?

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Nov. 21, 2021

今はハリーポッターの本とハリーポッターの映画を論じます。 ハリーポッターの映画初めにを見ました、それから本を読みました。 九歳の時、本を読みましたでも、初回映画を見ました時、覚えません。 何方もはとてもいいです。でも、本よりも映画の方が好きですから、映画にたくさんことがありません。もちろん、映像作家はすべてを作ることが出来ません。 ハリーポッターの本は J.K. Rowl…

thortank7854 0.26 1 0 4
«Juego de tronos» era tanto mejor como peor que el libro
Oct. 23, 2021

La verdad es que al principio, prefería la serie de HBO «Juego de tronos» a la serie de libros en la que se basaba. Es la primera vez que esto me ocurrió. Sin embargo, cuando a los guionistas se l…

dapz 0.03 1 0 5
Books or movies?
Sept. 22, 2021

It depends a lot. In the book, the only limitation is the author's imagination, so it is easier to build amazing scenarios with fantastics things and most of the time characters have better construct…

jeehk 0.0 1 0 6
책이나 영화
Sept. 30, 2021

저는 전반 영화보다 책을 좋아해요. 왜냐하면 영화의 내용보다 책의 내용이 일반적으로 더 재미있어요, 아마도 영화 시간이 없어서, 책의 내용만큼 많지 않아요. 그래서, 책에 기초하는 영화는 보통 책만큼 재미없어요.

coconutthings 0.12 1 0 5
The Martian
Sept. 14, 2021

Usually I don't read a book before to watch the movie, but two years ago I did an exception with "The Martian" of Andy Weir. Before Covid, in the Barcelona's libraries, in the hall always there was a…

Ducky 0.98 1 0 5
movie or book
Oct. 18, 2021

it depends on the type of the movie. But in general i do prefer movies over books. Movies can convey the message of the scenario in broder way otherwise is hard by books to get the same message of th…

jihad 0.23 1 0 6
I Prefer to Choose....
Oct. 16, 2021

I chose books, also movies somtime. I can learn a lot through reading a book in which there are many nice or easy understanding expressions that I unexpected! However when wanting to practice my skil…

hanakun 0.75 1 0 6
Books or Movie
Sept. 18, 2021

I like books rather than movies. Of course, I enjoy both but I think books are more interesting. This is because I can read books anywhere and anytime; I often kill time reading a book. It's also pos…

ponta 0.96 1 0 9

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