Tell me about your bedroom (or another room in your house) and describe where the objects and furniture are located.

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juestebanmar in Japanese





Sep 06

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bettty in English

My bedroom

My bedroom is fairly small and its present in the corner of my house. As its very small, it was very difficult for me to arrange all of my furniture in it. Once you enter my room, on the right you'll see my study desk. It has two drawers and a cabinets. The table is kind of cluttered and I've put so many unecessary things on top it. Just on the right of my desk, my cupboard is present. Its a typical two door cupboard and its fitted in a rectangular hole present in my room. This hole is due to the renovation of my bathroom wall. In front of my cupboard is a mirror. Its rectangular, full sized mirror onto which fairy lights have been attached. My bed is a single bed which occupies the corner of my room. Other than these furniture items, theres a random chair in my room which is full of my clothes.



Sep 05

1 min read

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