What would your ideal life be?

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Ochita in Japanese


完結に述べば、衣食住を気にせず四六時中ただただ本や知識に没頭できる閉鎖空間です。誰にも頼ることのない、一人で生きていられる場所。一般的にはこの生き方は憐れみの眼差しで見られるかも知れません。でも私にはこれが理想です。そんな生活の中で、いつかは死にますが、そこは脳の病気やそうじゃないかで自分の中で葛藤になっています。一方は最期までこの世界の事をもっと知りたい、だから脳の病気はダメという気持ちと、その逆の、もう直ぐ自分の認識が無になるという恐怖から逃げたいから脳の病気がいいという気持ち。あくまで理想の話ですので、選べればいいですが、どちらも受け入れます。あ、事故死の可能性もあったんですね。 要するに、死ぬ間際に自分の中の探求心をある程度満たすことできていたならそれはいい人生だったといいます。”理想”はそれを最適化できる環境です。



Mar 09

1 min read


pajarito008 in French

Ma vie idéale

Je pense que je n’avais jamais pensé sur ce sujet. Mais je vais essayer de répondre à cette question. La première chose que j’aurais voulu c’est arrêter d’aller à le lycée. C’est trop ennuyeux, et je pense que je n’aurais toujours trop d’angoisse si j’y n’allais pas. Après de ça, j’aimerais plus d’argent. Évidemment, tout le monde veut plus d’argent. Si j’aurais plus d’argent, je n’aurais pas besoin de demander mes parents pour l’argent et pour choses comme jeux vidéos. J’aimerais aussi déménager à France ou l’Espagne. Les deux sont des pays très beaux, et j’y aimerais déménager. Si je pourrais choisir un travail, je serais un professeur d’anglais. J’enseignerais l’anglais comme langue étrangère. Et voilà, ce serait ma vie idéale !



Jan 10

1 min read


Binh in English

My ideal life

I want to finish the school tests, ace the IELTS test, get an internship, pick up learning the languages that I have left off (Japanese, Spanish, Latin), and play chess. Most of what I said so far is all within my reach so I must be happy, right? I don't know tbh. I know learning is supposed to be my big goal of all of this but I am still scared of what will happen if I failed the school tests, got a low IELTS score, got an internship but got fired, lost trust in my learning languages abilities. But I have learnt English, correct? No, because it was the young me that have learnt English. I'm still unable to prove to my 'now' self that I can learn a language yet. I don't want to keep telling my parents promises that I'm unsure are going to happen or not. Why did it gotten dark all of a sudden? In conclusion, my ideal life is that I get to exercise every day, be able to learn at any time with my own time constraint, and play the game I dearly loved, chess. I guess I'm not free as I would wish, maybe...



Jan 03

1 min read


Jack in English

Writing Practice

My ideal life is to be born in a mediated wealthy family and my parents treat each other nicely. During my childhood, I had enough time to play with my fellow children and without a lot of worries. When I was in elementary school and high school, I studied hard and could get a good grade so that I could be admitted to a famous university. While I am growing up, my parents can give me a good education. I can get a decent job and a nice salary and the work is not so busy and does not involve lots of pressure and stress. I can afford a decent car and a house. Also, I can marry a nice woman and not scold me all the time. I also want to have certain savings to deal with some unexpected issues. If possible, I want to retire at the age of fifty and have enough money for me to travel by then. I also want to have a long life span and stay healthy because I hate illness. Of course, I will die, but die from age, not from disease. I think my request is not high, and I hope all my ideal life can come true.



Dec 21

1 min read

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