Do you make New Year's resolutions? By the way, when do you think it's appropriate to stop greeting other people with "happy new year?"

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Ducky in English

I Don't Believe in the New Year's Resolutions.

I never have made New Year's resolutions, because I don't believe a lot in it. When I have a need, then I make a goal o resolution. Never mind the year's day in which I begin the new activity. For instance, in october, I thought I had must to lose a couple of kilograms, so the next day I started to walk three kilometres every day. Today, three months ago that I follow doing this stroll, and I have succeeded that that is an habit for me. I know, walk 3 km for day is not a great target, but is realistic for me. If I had thought to do eight km, surely I would have begun to do it some days only, but I would end up leaving it.



Jan 11

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chocomagi in English

My New Year's resolutions

This is my first entry here, so it is difficult for me to think of a way to start writing. Anyways, the year starts and so me using this platform. I am currently away from home, doing a Master's in a country with a different culture and a different language than mine. My first resolution would be to finish my Master's with no issues, and to progress in my final thesis enough to feel confident to submit it in the end, since writing a thesis in a second language is no small feat. The second one would be to keep staying safe and away from the COVID, and the third one would be to try to have fun regardless of my current situation, I think. Living in a foreign country in the midst of a pandemic takes a toll on mental health, so I want to stay healthy both in body and mind. For this, I should also keep contact with my friends in my home country, and try to make more friends here. I really hope things turn out well in the end. Where I live, I think people keep greeting each other with "happy new year" for a while, so I decided to keep doing it until the end of this month. Ps: I almost forget one important resolution: To keep studying and learning English and Japanese :)



Jan 11

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Jack in English

Writing Practice

I didn't know the term of resolution before I started learning English. I think it’s like the Chinese word 许愿(xǔyuàn). I don't remember I have made some resolutions before New Years, because I don't believe that they work. When I was in school, I didn't have study plans either. I was just relying on my feelings in that I could sense which part I should work on. No matter how many resolutions you make, it is useless if you don't put effort into them. Although you never make resolutions, as long as you work hard every year, you can still make big achievements. As to when we should stop greeting others by saying "happy new year", I don't really know, but I think we may stop saying that in the middle of the first month.



Jan 11

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Binh in English

New year's resolutions

New year's resolution, never in my whole life, did I make one until recently. In Vietnam, right before the new year, we shoot fireworks and, maybe, make a resolution. I unsure about this topic is because I never stay up late enough to watch the firework or make a resolution. Hitherto, I make a resolution at my school's meeting. It's a really half-ass resolution due to the fact that I didn't prepare much up until that point. My shitty resolution won't make you happy so unto the next topic. When should you stop saying 'happy new year'? I don't think there is a satisfactory answer to this question. But I'm going to give my opinion anyway. There are two situations: online and offline. Let's talk about the former one first. I think you should stop saying 'happy new year' when they don't text you back at all more than three times. I'm confident that they don't care about your greeting. The latter case is a bit more tricky. Usually, people will still respond to your 'happy new year' since they don't want to come across as discourteous regardless of they are happy to hear it or not. I don't think a 'happy new year' is bad so keep at it, someone will eventually appreciate your 'happy new year'. A 'happy new year' to me is just a conversation opener so unless you hate conversing, there's no reason to end it. :))



Jan 10

1 min read

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