Describe something that made you laugh recently.

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cristinaaquafina101 in English

Did someone said...?

It was not so recently but a couple of weeks ago we went to a carnival, it was crowed as hell. We were eating and we were among lots of people. It is usually uncomfortable because of the noise, even tough, we were having fun, joking and eating. Suddenly a man in a table near to ours, says aloud "orgasm" I heard that but as I was not paying attention to the whole conversation so I just couldn't get the context. I did not know why he said that I only thought "that dude is crazy lol" but I did not say anything. Then my friend looks around and said "did someone say orgasm?" I bursted of laugther because of the way she said it. I thought about the meme of someone desesperate «Did someone said food» I started joking by telling her "why do you want to know so badly?" And she just laugh and said "I just heard someone said that"



Feb 11

1 min read


Carol_Jia in English

Duolingo Stories

I’m learning English, Spanish and French on Duolingo. It’s an app that helps people to learn foreign languages. Duolingo is a fun way to learn languages and helps me a lot. Yesterday, I was reading a story called Monkeys in it. Then a question about the storyline appeared: Why Junior (a kid) runs so fast to see the monkeys? The answer seemed to be obvious because there was an ice cream shop next to the monkeys. But among the three options, one said: Because he wants to have six abdominal muscles by running. I was shocked by that. Was this story related to abdominal muscles??



Feb 01

1 min read


JoeTofu in Chinese (繁體)


今天下午我依然出去遛狗。狗狗因為看到松鼠跑經過旁邊的園子,突然就全力往前跳了。當時我剛好沒有把狗鏈抓得緊,它就從我的手中溜出來了。松鼠看到狗追過來,松鼠就跑到樹後面躲了。狗跟在松鼠後面,鏈子卻卡在樹根上。小狗繼續跑,動量自然讓牠繞樹幹繞了幾遍,越繞鏈子越短,一直到狗的頭被綁在樹幹上,動都動不了!我遛過去看狗狗,牠斜眼盯著我,一副莫名其妙的樣子,好像在問我「我怎麼被綁在這兒?!」笑死我了! LMAO! While I was walking the dog this afternoon, he jumped after some squirrels and pulled the leash out of my hand. A squirrel ran behind a tree, the dog gave chase, and the leash caught on a root. His momentum turned him around the tree, wrapping the leash around the trunk. The dog kept running till his head was strapped to the trunk and he couldn’t move another inch. When I strolled over to check on him, he was side-eyeing me as if to say, “How did I get here?!” I couldn’t help laughing.



Jan 26

1 min read

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