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Translation Practice

My speech topic today is the weather in different regions at the same time in our country.

I’d like to ask you guys a question: the south and north, which one has a colder winter? It seems that this topic is unnecessarily discussed because the weather is very different from the north to the south.

In the south, there are only two seasons in one year. Half a year is the rainy season and the other is the dry season. In south Vietnam, it seems there is no winter because even if it is winter time it is not cold at all, and the temperature is just around 25 degrees.

The weather in the north is very different from that in the south. It has spring, summer, autumn and winter. In north Vietnam, it’s very cold in winter, and the lowest temperature is 3 or 4 degrees.

My hometown is Yi’an, and I have lived in Qinghe for six years. Compare these two cities, the weather in January in Qinghe is very different from that in Yi’an. During this time, people in my hometown wear a lot of clothes to keep warm.

The day before yesterday, I had a video call with my relatives. He wore a big cotton-padded jacket while I wore summer clothes. When I lived in the south, I had to throw my winter clothes away because they were not needed.

At this time, although the weather is not as cold as it is in the north, it is also cool and comfortable in the south. Before I came to the south, I really thought I would like the weather here, but after living here for one year, I really miss the cold in the north and the warmth inside the cotton quilt.

I remember in the north, we can see winter jasmines and peach blossoms at the beginning of every spring, and when the chrysanthemum begins to have buds, we will feel very happy. Speaking this does not mean that I don’t like the weather in the south so much, but I just feel it is really wonderful that you are able to experience such a lot of changes in a year. Qinghe is one of the most beautiful beaches, and the weather here is also nice. I like it here so much. No matter how the weather is, I always hope you guys like where you live.

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