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Letters of congratulation 1

Dear Li Ming,
    I am so glad to hear you have just been admitted to a university. I always trust you can make it because your diligence deserves it. As a senior student who is about to graduate, I would like to give your suggestions about how to get a meaningful university life.
    First, keep doing sports. I know you prefer staying indoors to playing outside. However, your body will get weak if you stop doing exercises for a long time. So please think highly of exercise after going to university. Then, try new activities as possible as you can. University is not a place to study all the time but a place to broaden your horizons, improve your skills, and so on. Step out of your dorm and make more friends. Last but not least, focus on your major studying, the course in university is much harder and deeper than any course you have learned before, but I am not worried about it because you are always good at studying.
    You really make a good success. May your future could be as successful as you have always been.
                                                                                                           yours sincerely,
                                                                                                           Zhang Wei

Hello there,here is a text practicing for my forthcoming exam. The person who appears in the text is fictional. I hope you could correct my mistakes and give me some expressions that native speakers will use. Thanks for your help!

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