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In my impression, the United States is almost a perfect country with highly developed technology and powerful strength.

People from all over the world seem to tend to go to America and live there.

I was a little shocked after hearing from you because I didn’t expect this situation in the US.

China has an old saying “家家有本难念的经” (jiā jiā yóu běn nán niàn de jīng) It means every family has their difficulties. So maybe as to countries, it’s the same situation.

Anyway, no matter how difficult it is, I still hope the United States is able to change the unideal situation and return to a prosperous America.

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Very true. In the United States, it’s a major problem because of drugs and violence.. This entire country’s outlook on mental health is so bad... They don’t consider that being stuck on a phone all day alters the body’s energies to be more susceptible to depression and other issues. Social media doesn’t help either.

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