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「The Silence」という映画を見はじめた。ストーリは「A Quiet Place」を似ているが、結構面白い。この映画の内容みたいな音を立ててはいけない世界で私は生き残れないでしょう。

Native Language - English

I started to watch a movie called "The Silence". The story is similar to "A Quiet Place", but it's quite good. I probably wouldn't be able to survive in a world where you shouldn't make a sound like in the movies.

(In the films, if you are noisy, you will be attacked by monsters.)

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ayana 0 March 30, 2021
「The Silence」という映画を見はじめた。

「The Silence」という映画をはじめた。

The kanji for watching movies/tv shows/ videos etc is 観る rather than 見る
ストーリは「A Quiet Place」を似ているが、結構面白い。

ストーリは「A Quiet Place」似ているが、結構面白い。

Comparison particle = と


It will sound more natural for you to say と思います rather than でしょう (でしょう)is formal and rarely used, kind of like "I predict"
The literal translation of 内容 = content so it sounds unnatural; I took it out so it'll translate literally to "like in the movie"

Overall feedback & comment:

Great job! I'm not a fan of horror movies.
Comment added on 03/30/2021