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mrgglock 0 · March 9

Target Language - Japanese

6年前に中学生であったころの友達に食事を誘われました。彼らはインフォコム部の友達です。久しぶりなのに、急に誘われるのは、びっくりしました。でも、それは悪くありません。18 chefsというところで食べようとしているようです。その飯屋は、学生として安いです。学生には、独特の割引があります。400円を払うと、小さいアイスとアイスレモンティーとお好きなようにできるご飯がサーブされます。ご飯のことをちょっと説明したいと思います。まず、ご飯やスパゲティや焼き飯などを選びます。そして、ソースをクリームやカレーやボロネーゼを選びます。最後は、おかずを鶏肉や豚肉や牛肉などから選びます。このような感じの食事です。

Native Language - None

Diary Entry #69: A meeting since a long time
My friends from 6 years ago when I was a secondary school student have invited me to a meal. They are from my infocomm club. The fact that they invited me suddenly even though it has been a long time really surprised me. However, that is not a bad thing. They seem to be deciding on eating at 18 chefs. It is cheap as a student for that restaurant. There is a special discount for students. Upon paying 400 yen, you get a small ice-cream, ice lemon tea and a customisable dish. I'd like to explain a little more about this customisable dish. First, you pick a base such as rice, baked rice or spaghetti. After that, you pick a sauce such as cream, curry or bolognese. Finally, you pick your sides, such as chicken, pork or beef. This is the kind of dish I am talking about.

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Tamochan 0 Jan. 15, 2021






Overall feedback & comment:

Very good! Long ago there were many cheap diners around universities in Japan. I frequetnly ate a pork cutlet meal(とんかつ定食) at 400 yen. It was a very big bowl of rice(どんぶりご飯) and very big pork cutlet.
Comment added on 03/09/2020