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New Logo, Who Dis?

With LangCorrect continuing to grow, change, and improve, it felt like it was time to invest in a proper logo for the platform.

Over the last month, we’ve been working closely with a professional logo designer based in the UK to help us bring our vision to life. It was important that we capture all that LangCorrect stands for in the new logo, so that our branding can remain consistent with our mission even as the platform continues to grow and improve.

We thought you may find it interesting to see each of the layers of meaning hidden within the logo, and to see some of the progress shots of the logo being created.

Thanks for growing with us, and we hope you’re as excited about this new logo as we are.

- LangCorrect Team

1. This strong logo mark is cleverly executed - it has a wonderful balance to it - it feels secure and trustworthy.

2. The two connected squares symbolize “journals” and also the community coming together…T working together and all that goodness.

3. The individual squares represent two people - the person being helped and the person helping. The negative space created in the middle becomes our finalized work in the form of a written journal. It really shows an element of togetherness and gives a supportive feel.

4. The negative space on both sides of the inner squares visualize the letters ‘L’ and ‘C’ (but the C is reflected).

5. The three lines in the center of the logo depict writing, but also represent learning, language, and community - all the good things that LangCorrect stand for.

6. The name itself is kept together, so capitalizing the ‘L’ and ‘C’ help to separate the words and make them legible.

A few early progress shots...

Special thanks to James Martin, who took time to understand what LangCorrect is all about and helped bring our vision to life.

Check him out on Instagram -

Here’s to the future!