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Researcher: The position was related to the planning, design, and implementation of research projects related to optimization, operations research, decision theory, machine learning, and data science, in the research group 3I+D - LOGYCAB of the Universidad del Atlántico. In addition, it involved participating in academic conferences and business consulting.

Intern: The position involved working in the company's logistics department. My duties focused on managing SAP enterprise resource planning software. Also, I was in charge of designing Microsoft VBA applications to calculate performance indicators (KPIs) associated with the evaluation of suppliers and the efficiency of the delivery, warehousing, inventory, and distribution operations.

Project Engineer Consultant: Responsible for coordinating project plans, contractual arrangements, schedules, activities and milestones in accordance with established policies, procedures, systems and requirements approved by the consulting firm. Supervise project personnel and bridge the technical gap with engineers. My focus lies in science, technology, and innovation projects.

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