Frequently Asked Questions

User Interface & Settings

1. What are "streaks"?

Streaks represent the number of consecutive days you have written a journal post. As soon as you miss a day your streak will be reset to 0. Streaks were added to help language learners stay motivated and to challenge them.

2. What do the three icons on the sidebar represent?

  • Notebook - Number of total journal posts written
  • Down arrow - Number of corrections received
  • Up arrow - Number of corrections made

3. What are nicknames?

Nicknames were added as a way for users to change their "usernames" on the platform. Instead of your username being shown, you can display an alternative name a.k.a. nickname.

note: You still have to login using the original username you registered with.

4. How can I add more native languages / change my studying languages?

You can change your studying languages at any time by going to your profile settings. You can set additional native languages here as well.

  • important - you can only set native languages once. Once they are set you will be unable to change them. This is to stop abuse. If you accidently set the wrong native language(s), contact support and we will change it for you. 

5. Can we set more than 2 studying languages at once?

Yes, but unfortunately that is only available to volunteers and patrons at this time. If you can't financially support the server costs at the moment, but would like to get access to more studying languages you can volunteer to help get the word out about LangCorrect. All volunteers and Patreon supporters unlock 10 studying languages permanently.

6. What do the different syntax colors represent on my corrected sentences?

7. How do we add things to our notebooks?

You can bookmark any correction, comment, etc and it will show up in your notebook. If you hover over the three dot menu, you can add comments or delete the bookmarked items.

8. Can we filter journal posts by number of corrections, date, or by length?

Yes. Click on your username in the top right corner, which will bring down the navigation menu. Click on settings, and, underneath the Bio box, you will see a dropdown that says Order posts by. Here you can select how you want the journal posts to be filtered.




1. Why can't I see any journal posts on my dashboard?

The most likely reason for this is no one has written a journal post in your native language(s) yet. LangCorrect was only recently released, so it will take some time for people to learn about LangCorrect and register an account.

2. I did not receive a verification email. What happened?

Gmail app users - Please make sure the email is not in your social/promotion tab.

3. Why can't I edit my comment?

This is done to stop abuse. You can delete your comment and try again.

4. I am unable to login despite entering the correct credentials. What's going on?

This is probably because the user's password manager attempted to fill in the username field with an email address instead of a username. Email /username login will be added in a future update.

5. Help, I selected the wrong language when I created my post, what do I do?
Simply press on the edit button (the pencil icon), and select the correct language from the dropdown located next to the title.

6. I edited my journal after it's already been corrected, but some of my corrected sentences have disappeared. What happened?
They are still there, but they are hidden. This is by design. Sentences that you have changed would hide the corrections for those sentences too. You can still view the old corrections if you visit the corrections received page.

General Questions

1. Will there be a mobile app?

At the moment, there are no plans to develop a mobile app; however the service is fully usable on your device's mobile browser. In the future, mobile apps can be developed if enough users are interested. It would take a lot of time and money to develop and maintain these applications, so if you'd like to help support this free service please consider becoming a Patron on Patreon.

2. What are your plans for monetization?

You can choose to support us on Patreon if you believe in the value that LangCorrect provides. If there are enough supporters to cover all the costs, there won't be any advertisements displayed on the site. Optional premium features will be available to Patreon subscribers. The core features will always be free.