Nov. 13, 2021

We want to give a big shout out to everyone on this page for taking time out of their busy lives to help make LangCorrect grow

Localization & Translation

Language User(s)
Arabic Reem, mohammedalbaqir, Cosmic_believer
Cantonese Chrovo, Laurenplays
Croatian Aiyume
Dutch Steveduda
English Geminaura
Finnish Justpugs
French Coda, Monsieur_Éléphant
Galician Ellopa
German Lau, pera1998, Laoan, Karlla, Aka, AlexOttr
Hebrew Ratstachio
Hungarian Duxi514
Italian MarcoDS, FairSkin, Joshua_
Japanese Sari, YodaSoda, Love
Korean Shiba
Polish Morela
Portuguese Lemon
Russian Chou_fleur
Spanish Eeprom, Ellopa, Woof
Turkish Lemedro, LoneJanissary, Sila, Leaswen, Aka
Ukrainian izer135

UX/UI Design

Thanks to Daniel Solberg (@WithoutDaniel) for helping out with the V2 designs and wireframes for the mobile apps/site!


Thanks to iamwalrus for setting up the discord bot and profitendieu for managing it. Join us by clicking on the following link: Discord


Thanks to Nikki Gabuya for drawing some of the images present on the index page!

And you!

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