Check out these awesome people who have taken time out of their busy lives to help translate and localize LangCorrect heart

Arabic Reem, mohammedalbaqir, Cosmic_believer Korean Shiba
Bulgarian   Latin  
Cantonese Chrovo, Laurenplays Malay  
Croatian Aiyume Mandarin  
Czech   Mongolian  
Danish   Norwegian  
Dutch Steveduda Polish Morela
English Geminaura Portuguese Lemon
Finnish   Romanian  
French   Russian Chou_fleur
Galician Ellopa Serbian  
German Lau, pera1998, Laoan, Karlla, Aka Spanish Eeprom, Ellopa
Greek   Swedish  
Hebrew Ratstachio Thai  
Hungarian Duxi514 Traditional Chinese  
Indonesian   Turkish Lemedro, LoneJanissary, Sila, Leaswen, Aka
Italian MarcoDS, FairSkin Ukranian izer135
Japanese Sari, YodaSoda, Love Vietnamese  



Thanks to Daniel Solberg for helping out with the designs and wireframes for the mobile app!


Thanks to Nikki Gabuya for drawing some of the images present on the Index page!



Thanks to iamwalrus for setting up the discord bot where community members can hangout and practice with each other. Join us at https://discord.gg/yfXPcea