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Updated on Nov. 24, 2019, 3:07 p.m.


  • Added a premium icon for Patreon subscribers to help distinguish their support in the development of LangCorrect.
  • Fixed an edge case resulting in corrections not being saved.
  • Journals are now filterable in the following tabs: 'All enteries' and 'Other learners' (the filter tab will not appear if you only have one native language or are currently studying only one language).
  • A top 10 ranking system has been implemented. The categories are most journals writtenhighest streak, and most corrections made.
  • More languages have been added to the site. Thank you for offering to translate the UI @Lomanotte and @lemedro
  • Estonian was added to overall language list (thanks @Mihkel)
  • Notification alerts have been edited so that they're easier to read
  • Profile pages have been optimized and now load much faster