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Updated on Sept. 10, 2020, 11:57 p.m.

Hey guys guess what? LangCorrect is almost a year old! It was released back in October as a weekend hobby project and we've definitely come a long way since then. So I just want to take a moment to thank you guys for sticking with us even back when the service wasn't as intuitive and easy to use  We will continue doing our best to improve LC and keep it a platform oriented towards learners who want to study a language seriously.

Let's check out some new changes as well as planned changes:

New Messenger

The old messaging system was pretty ancient and has been retired. All prior messages using the old message system has been removed. With the new messenger you can talk with your friends or other users in real-time and correct each other's messages.

note: We tried our best to make the messaging system responsive on both small and large screens. Unfortunately the mobile version can't be improved much more (visually) than this because it would require too much work/maintenance splitting all of the templates or even just setting up a sub-domain to handle all the moible templates. With that being said, you will notice how the usernames are not visible (in the sidebar) and only the user icons are being shown.

It was a little hard to test everything, so please report any bugs you find!

Known bugs:

  1. When correcting a message, you have to press post twice in order for it to submit the correction and redirect back to chat
  2. When writing a message and your partner sends a message before you finish writing and submitting yours, your text gets cleared Fixed
  3. Safari (Incognito) shows message preview as a lighter shade, but it doesn't happen on other browsers

Redesigned Notifications

You'll notice a more streamlined/modern notification system. Some important changes worth mentioning are:

  • The unread counter will reset when you click on the notification bell to open notifications
  • Items that you have not click on (read) will now have a LC blue background color
  • Notification types are now grouped ( ex: User1 and 3 others have......)
  • New notifications will be under the "New" block. If you re-open the notifications, all the previous notifications from the "New" block will be moved to the "Older" block. 

(Mobile) Experimental Changes

We are using the mobile responsive version of the site to experiment how the native mobile apps will look and feel. Your feedback here will be vital and super appreciative.

  1. Notifications has been moved to the bottom navigation menu
  2. Messenger has been added to the top navigation menu
  3. Clicking on write (in the bottom navigation) will now show two possible choices: write from scratch and write from prompt
  4. Notebook and Corrections received has been removed from the bottom navigation menu
    1. Will be combined in a future Notebook Redesign (read below)
  5. Profile has been added to the bottom navigation

You might run into a situation (especially if you are studying a language that is not yet popular on LC) where clicking on write from prompt will show no prompts. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done for this, but I will try and add some text to explain the situation and add a button to redirect the user to write from scratch or create a prompt. These changes are once again experimental so hopefully it will increase prompt usage.

(Future) Notebook Redesign

The new Notebook will undergo some heavy changes and will be accessible under a future redesigned "Profile". Some changes planned are:

  • Create your own notes from scratch
  • View your bookmarks, prompts and corrections received
  • Ability to search and add tags

If you have any more changes you would like to see for a redesigned Notebook, please share your opinions via Discord or Email!


  • Added small changes to static pages
    Added small logic changes to filter posts by length correctly
  • Added a confirmation popup when you press cancel in the Make a Correction page