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Updated on Nov. 21, 2019, 5:45 p.m.


  • Fixed a crash if correction notes exceeded (1000) characters
  • Added UI Localization - if you're interested in volunteering and translating the English text into your native language join the discord
  • Added 'Other learners' tab - you can see journal posts written from other learners
  • Added clickable usernames in Notebook/Correction received pages
  • Added ability to delete comments
  • Added ability to delete corrections
  • Added ability to quote comments in the comments section
  • Added a journal view counter to keep track of how many unique users have read your journal
  • Added a Patreon link (in the footer) if you would like to help support the development of LC
  • Clarified the different comment boxes found in the 'make a correction' page
  • Ability to un-bookmark a note from the journal detail page
  • Ability to display a nickname instead of your username
  • Use keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + click) to open journals in new browser tabs
  • Hide native language from being displayed in studying languages when registering an account
  • Made button clickable in the sidebar to be used as a shortcut (only note icon is clickable atm)