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Updated on May 8, 2020, 5:12 p.m.
  • Added
    • Draft System
      • It will now automatically save the progress of your journals or corrections
      • Can be accessed via the Manage Drafts page
      • You will also get a friendly reminder if there are journal drafts available if you are trying to write a new journal
    • Improved Quoting system
      • When clicking on the quote icon, a reply box will appear
      • Quoting will now include comment/feedback (if available)
    • Bookmarkable journals
    • UI Redesign
      • Sidebar & Journal card
    • Missing tooltips
    • More locale files (Italian, Ukranian)
    • Hebrew and Arabic text is now right aligned in both journals and corrections
  • Bug fixes:
    • Notification alert not being created if only a comment was added
    • Various bug fixes
  • Changes
    • Unified wording
      • Posts, entries, etc are now referred to as 'Journals'
  • Hot Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with journal drafts appearing on "Latest Journals"
    • Fixed issue with journal drafts appearing on sidebar journal statistics
    • Fixed issue with journal drafts appearing on the profile


  • The sidebar calendar was temporarily hidden. It will come back in the next update, but you will need to activate the toggle for it in the settings.
  • The UI is getting redesigned and improved. These changes will be spread out through several updates.