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The following have been fixed/added:

  • Fixed an issue where selected language levels would sometimes get swapped on the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the calender would not show the journal post dates in your local timezone
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a journal post title in someone's profile would not open the journal
  • Fixed an issue where the numbers next to the streak would be sagging down a little bit
  • Fixed an issue where (sometimes) the textbox would not take the entire height when correcting a journal post
  • Fixed an issue where feedback to a specific sentence would not get saved if that specific sentence was not corrected
  • Fixed English typos (thank you Geminaura)
  • Added a comment only button next to the make a correction button
  • Added additional language files (Croatian, Hebrew, Italian, Calatan, Arabic, etc). Thanks to these awesome people for volunteering to translate the UI <3
  • Added UI themes in the profile settings (soon you will be able to switch between light and dark mode, with more to come in the future)
  • Added writing prompts (Users who are volunteers, moderators, or staff can now create writing prompts in their native languages). You can access this page if you click on your username in the navbar. If you would like to write prompts let me know via email/discord/ or send me a message on the site
  • Added sort filters to the journal list