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The following have been added/fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where new journals (in the last 24 hours) would not have a language set. (I have manually went to every journal that had a missing language and set the language. Please verify that the journals have the correct language)
  • Fixed a bug where perfect sentences would get added to the corrections, despite hitting the cancel button in `make a correction page`
  • Fixed an issue where the same correction could be posted twice
  • Added a new pattern to the exclusion list in make a correction page: '_____( ! ? etc )______.' Sentences should no longer be broken up prematurely
  • Made the padding in corrections smaller to reduce vertical waste


One of our awesome members notified me that they suddenly lost their streak. The cause of this user missing their streak has been found, a solution will be made (so that this never happens again), and we will fix your journal created date, if it has negatively impacted your streak. If you are one of the (few) people impacted by this madness, please send us an email or reach us in real time at our discord.


After investigating the issue, it seems I am to blame for some of the users missing their streak. In the changelog we fixed an issue where newly created posts did not have a post language set. After implementing the fix, I manually went to each journal that had a missing language and edited it. When I edited the journal post, it replaced the created date with the date/time it was edited... Resulting in the server thinking you posted it on a different date/time. So when I fixed the journals last night (around 4am), it changed the 'created date'. There will be a new implementation so this doesn't happen again: we'll add an 'updated' field

Thanks for the update. Seems like a nice solution to the issue in general. I hope you didn’t have to update too many journals last night.

I feel like I updated 20 journals last night :'(