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The following have been added/fixed:

  • Guest browsing - Users who have not yet registered an account can now browse LangCorrect. They can see all public posts, profiles, and rankings. 
  • Journal privacy - You can choose to make your journal viewable to the public, members, or mutually following members.
  • Added footer to static pages (ex: FAQs, Credits, etc)
  • Fixed the rankings 'Most Corrections Made' - sentences marked as perfect will now be included in the stats
  • Added the ability to delete your account through the user settings. All personal information will be deleted. Your corrections made to other users WILL NOT be deleted. The corrections you have made will not show your username, but will instead be under the following username format (deleted_user_{number})
  • Fixed a bug when visiting corrections made page when you have not made any corrections. You would get greeted by a server error (500). 
  • Added a better algorithm to split sentences in Make a correction page. Sentences will no longer be split in incorrect places (Mr./Ms., number.number)

There have been many fundamental changes. Because of this, I was unable to single handedly test all use-cases. If you spot any problems please let me know, so that I can fix any bugs that may be present.