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My Languages

  • Native:
  • English
  • Studying:
  • German beginner
  • Hindi elementary
  • Chinese (简体) beginner
  • Afrikaans beginner
  • Spanish beginner
  • Korean beginner
  • Japanese proficient
  • Italian beginner
  • Arabic beginner
  • French proficient

My Bio

My name is Jacque and I love learning lots of languages. My main focus is Hindi because my boyfriend's parents don't speak English and they will be staying with us next year for 4 months.

previous languages studied:

Italian (was between the B1-B2 level, 2012-2015, occasional conversation between 2016-2019 but not much)

French (A2, studied for 6 months starting Jan 2019)

Mandarin (A1-A2, studied for 6 months in 2018)