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My Languages

  • Native:
  • English
  • Studying:
  • Spanish intermediate
  • Japanese beginner
  • Italian beginner

My Bio

Hi! My name is Sam and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My goal is to become fluent in Spanish and Japanese. I'm 27-years-old and work in an office. I have many hobbies such as reading books/comics, playing video games, hiking, and cycling. I hope that I can make friends and we can study together!

こんにちは! サムです。カリフォルニアのサンフランシスコに住んでいます。ビデオゲームやスポーツが好きです。本やマンガを読むのが好きです。

Hola! Me llamo Sam. Vivo cerca de San Francisco en California. Me gustan videojuegos, comics, y deportes.