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<p>Hello hello!</p> <p>Please, don't hesitate to spot my faults. And also correct it to be more native.I'm still learning, so I will be very thankful to who has corrected my passages! I'll have notes in every journals, that may help you understand my writings better.</p> <p>Also, if you want we can practice language skills together. Have a nice day!</p> <p>[PS: I am an elementary French learner (very very elemental) and I just started to learn how to read French phonetic symbols. Meanwhile learning some simple sentences only too.]</p> <p>--------------------------------------------</p> <p>Bonjour ! Je suis Caroline et je suis chinoise. Et j'aime le fran&ccedil;ais beaucoup, je veux apprendre le fran&ccedil;ais et aller &agrave; la France et au Canada !</p>

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