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My prompts

Describe the plot of your favorite TV show and/or movie.

What is your favorite family tradition?

What are you currently focusing on in your language learning process?

What do you to do avoid procrastination?

You have an unlimited budget to design your dream bedroom! (It could also be a dream kitchen, living room, etc. instead). Write about how you would design it and what you would put inside of it.

Describe the best 3 items in your closet and why.

Describe your sleep. (How many hours do you sleep for? When do you sleep and when do you wake up? Do you dream a lot, or have nightmares a lot? What type of atmosphere do you need to fall asleep (noise, lights, etc)? Are you a light sleeper, or can you sleep through anything? Do you feel tired during the day?)

Write about the last dream you remember having.

What was your favorite class in school, and why? What was your least favorite class in school, and why?

What do you do to reduce anxiety/stress in your life?

How much of a presence does music have in your life? (When do you listen to music? Do you play an instrument? How does music make you feel?)

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?

What is your earliest memory?

If you had three wishes, what would they be and why?

Write about the first time you went to a concert.

If you ran away from home, what is one sentimental item you would bring with you and why?

What is a memory you have from when you were in school?

Wie verbringen Sie normalerweise Ihren Tag?

You invited someone you like out on a first date. What would you do? How would you make the date perfect?

What is something you would like to invent? How would it work? How would you share your invention with the public?

What is a place you want to visit and why?